It is essential that  a dispute possesses a tangible personality; and, that each party is afforded the resolution venue that provides all of the ingredients of a fair and complete hearing - in particular, there shall be a transparent absence of bias; whether apparent or inferred.

Complainant  : Ralph Charles Goodwin / Yuxwuletun / Kwa'mutsun Nation
Respondents :  Crown British Columbia Canada; including, but not limited to the BCTF & BCPSEA

  1. The Respondent(s) historically have established a trespass upon continued sovereign Original indigenous Peoples lands within the traditional and customary boundaries of Turtle Island North / North America; specifically, for the purposes of this complaint
  2. Further, the Respondents have failed to comply as required in a timely fashion to the demand of Education Tripartism
  3. Therefore, the complainant, as above, has filed a complaint at the OIPC Divisional Seat Kwa'mutsun
  1. Complainant has delivered Notice of Trespass upon the Respondents, supra
  2. Respondents failed to comply within the prescribed demand
  3. Original indigenous Peoples have filed international Notice of Paramount Right of Governance with international bodies and tribunals
  1. Original indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North at the west coast above the 49th parallel remain as the rightful, paramount governing nations in deference to the Crown British Columbia Canada claim - and, evident representation to the League of Nations and the United Nations, et al.
  1. Crown British Columbia Canada shall cease, forthwith, to claim any right to establish public education programs in these said Turtle Island territories
  2. Original indigenous Peoples of these said territories, supra, shall continue to exercise unimpaired determinations of governance; including all matters of public education policies and practices; including, employment contracts with educators
  3. OIPC Divisional Seat Kwa'mutsun shall proceed to name Crown British Columbia Canada as being in violation of the UN Charter; in particular, Chapter VII - illicit military occupancy in absence of specific UN Security Council endorsement.
The BCTF and the BCPSEA shall cease further claim and practice of entering into public education provisions in the absence of Original indigenous Peoples Tripartism inclusion.

Ralph Charles Goodwin / Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun / INCCgv
per Kwa'mutsun Nation Head of State Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem : ICE Council
2389 Quamichan Road, Duncan, BC, Canada V9L 5L7
EMAIL yuxwuletun-at-gmail com / OIPC Divisional Seat : Communications Directorate